Digital 395 Middle Mile Project Documents

Executive Summary

The following document was part of the Grants Application submitted to the US Department of Commerce in March, 2010

The Digital 395 network is a 583 mile, optical fiber middle mile project between Carson City, Nevada, and Barstow, California designed to provide broadband services to Mono, Inyo and eastern Kern Counties, - 15% of California known as the “Eastern Sierra”. The route mainly follows the US 395 highway, a major transportation corridor between southern and northern Nevada. The service area contains 36 communities as well as six Indian reservations. In addition to these civilian areas, the region is host to two military bases: Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, and the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center.

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Project Purpose

The Digital 395 Middle Mile project addresses all five core BTOP statutory purposes.

It extends access to broadband services to the isolated, unserved community service areas of Benton, Keeler, Cartago, Olancha, Pearsonville, Boron, Johannesberg, and Randsberg. Also the Benton Paiute Reservation located in Benton currently does not have access to Internet services.

The Digital 395 Middle Mile project also improves service to underserved, rural communities by lowering the cost and improving the quality of Internet backhaul services. Currently the communities along the Digital 395 route cannot afford to secure low cost, high bandwidth access to the Internet because their backhaul service choices are limited by the areas only middle mile service provider to point to point private line service priced on a per mile basis. The Digital 395 service area extends approximately 553 miles along the eastern Sierra region of California and Nevada. For communities at the north end of the service area their closest peering connection to the national Internet is Los Angeles approximately 500 miles away making mileage based private line services prohibitively expensive.

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The Digital 395 project map details the fiber route and proposed service coverage area.
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